Music of the Gears

September 27

Music of the Gears (vimeo) continues my exploration of phasing and accidental music in a form reflecting the historical artefacts of the venue. A clockwork orrery slowly turns and chimes a Tibetan bell on each planet’s orbit, producing a mediative and methodical – though apparently random – musical performance.  Running from 27th September to 2nd October.

Plaiting Machine

August 2

The Plaiting Machine was the first piece to be exhibited on the museum’s Fourth Plinth in their Eccentricity exhibition. The machine slowly weaves together three yarns of wool, transferring the power of gravity though a flying pendulum clock escapement. The Fourth Plinth is running until October, featuring items from many exhibitors and artists including Mike Blow and Antony Gormley.  Running from 2nd August to 7th August.

This presentation explored other means of making the complex more tangible, breaking down a clock into components so one can develop an intimacy with the machine and see it from the inside. Four building blocks – the pulley, rewinder, escapement and dial – were introduced and gradually assembled into a working machine.

Missing Link

June 9

Missing Link is a series of chains driven from a single motor, each with one link less than the last. As they turn they play a unique phased melody which repeats once every 1,300 years. This piece won an award from ResonanceFM as part of their Open exhibit which ran alongside Gone with the Wind by Max Eastley, Takehisa Kosugi and Walter Marchetti.  Running from 9th June to 17th July.