Silencing the Silence

September 27

Solo performance, collaborations and install ‘Music of the Gears’ at this exhibition of works of Oxford researchers and artists, including video, dance, photography, poetry, and sculpture.  Running until 28th September.

Hong Kong Art Faire

September 6

Featuring ‘Missing Link’ and a video presentation of ‘Clash of the Fractions’.  Running until 8th September.


June 4

Exhibiting several LEGO mechanical works including a new piece ‘Pot Drum’ and an audio mix of ‘Clunky Drummer’ & ‘All Work and No Play’.  Running from 4th to 7th July.

Talking about my research at Brookes and exhibiting existing LEGO pieces, including the Pythagorean Polyrhythmic Piano.  Installations running from 17th to 19th May.

Exhibiting new pieces ‘Too Much Coffee’ and ‘Claude’ with Aya Kasai.  Exhibiting from 7th May to 11th May.


March 9

Demonstrating LEGO clock builds and mini clock builds.

Kinetica 2013

February 28

Exhibiting new pieces ‘All Work and No Play’ and ‘Clash of the Fractions’ developed as part of research at Oxford Brookes and other work, alongside the LEGO clock from the MAD Museum.  Showing from 28th February to 3rd March.

Tipping Point

February 25

Presenting an installation in the main foyer with contemporary artist Aya Kasai at this festival of Contemporary Experimental Music and Sound Art.  Showing from 25th February to 3rd March.

M.A.D. Clock

February 1

New wall-mounted interactive LEGO clock built for the museum.  This raises a weight which is then released to run the clock on gravity. The weight falls to drive an escapement gated by a swinging pendulum, which in turn drives a gear train that gently rotates the hands of the clock.