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Chains display and inputs

I wired up the the Chains prototype to display a series of events which can be controlled from the SoftPots. It’s cobbled together with scruffy code but it’s encouraging to see something responding real-time.


There are some glitches in the inputs where it can jump in certain cases – it’s like there’s noise on the pots. This could be due to it being mounted on cardboard as the flex picks up subtle pressure changes. It’s pretty sensitive, just massaging the pot with a fingertip has a noticeable effect.

The display was up and running pretty quickly with Adafruit GFX and SSD1306 libraries. I bought some displays a while back, I think this one is a cheap version on Amazon and there were some helpful tips in some of the comments. I thought I would need to change the I2C address but I there was no need – just install the libraries in the Arduino IDE and experiment with the Adafruit demos, nice!

Plan for tomorrow:

  • Hook up the buttons and the input ports
    • buttons just needs pull up resistors
    • clock/reset inputs need transistors
    • analogue inputs need protection op amps
  • Mock up a first pass interface to record input from CV and softpots
    • I’m not sure how best to data collect so I’ll run a through iterations on a local repo and see how it goes.
  • Experiment averaging the inputs on the pots to avoid glitches.
  • If there’s any time I’ll wire up the outputs though they’ll be limited to 8 bit PWM for now.

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