Music PhD Projects

Materials from Music Hackspace presentation

Last night I did a presentation at the Music Hackspace in London, talking about my process and demonstrating some of the mechanical, electronic and software elements that have gone into my pieces.

I’ve uploaded a zip of my presentation and some of the supporting files to my site, this includes some in-progress code and circuits which may be helpful.

It was great to meet the group last night, very chilled out and amazing stuff going on at the hackspace, with an spectacular workshop.

LEGO Music PhD Projects

Pythagorean Polyrhythmic Piano

This machine is a prototype for a concept ‘rhythm piano’ I started designing during my MA which allows a performer to play beat equivalents of tonal ratios. It forces you to compose using rhythm rather than pitch which is a very exploratory process. Feeling your way around the counter-rhythms allows you to discover unusual structures in swing and syncopation, whilst ensuring everything is easily reproducible.


Resurrecting blog

I’m in the process of bringing my blog back online after my old site at sine35 went down last year. I’m using this blog to track my PhD and other projects that feed into it. I’m currently adding some MA notes retrospectively, both these and my PhD posts will feed my main webpage.

Should all be up online in a few days, when I’m looking forward to documenting some of my new bits and pieces.